jeremy ratzlaff

The next Filmpool member to be profiled in our series is Jeremy Ratzlaff, a self-taught director, editor, and cinematographer. Not one to shy away from a project, Jeremy has taken on multiple short films and series in the past few years, including a video essay on Paul Thomas Anderson’s work, as well as directing a video with Atom Egoyan, both of which play a part in his short video series about creativity. Jeremy has been an active Filmpool member since he moved to Saskatchewan, and finds the workshops, equipment, and overall community of people to be crucial in his freelance work. “The Filmpool was basically the catalyst for everything that I do now,” he says. “The reception I experienced was nothing short of warm and welcoming, and the sense of community was instantaneous.”

Jeremy’s dedication to his work and love for the creative process is evident in his films, as well as what he calls the “idealistic and almost magical” style that his shorts tend to convey. “The occasions that I’ve forced myself to burp up something truly authentic to ‘me,’” Jeremy says, “it’s usually rather pessimistic and uncomfortable.” The last few years have been about practicing and exploring while taking on roles on various projects, and Jeremy has recently created a series of short videos that feature independent artists, entitled Creation’s Flame. These shorts have since been sold to a CBC program and have reached a wide audience. Currently, Jeremy has decided to take a different approach to his work, and turn it into something of a response to the fantastical qualities of his previous films. Of this new work, Jeremy says “I’m excited and nervous about diving back into something that feels ‘me.’” With a versatility in both his style and his abilities, it’s certain that whatever Jeremy creates next will bring even more of his personal style to the fore, and more of that style to the Saskatchewan filmmaking scene overall.

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