Jason Truong

              For our first member profile, the Filmpool is excited to feature actor and stuntman Jason Truong. Jason has been working within Saskatchewan’s film industry since 2000 as an actor, but after the loss of the tax credit, he turned more to stunt work and screen fighting. Jason’s first big foray into the world of stunts came about when he was approached by Rick Anthony and Bryce Schlamp to coordinate stunts for Patient 62. In working on this film, Jason met Andrew Valdez, and after working together on a short film titled Merry What?, he and Andrew formed Character Flaw Productions and have been creating work together ever since. Contrary to what the company’s name might suggest, Jason finds that there are always important parts of his personality that come through in his work: “I will always try to wow the audience with great action, provide commentary on hot social topics, and/or generally make people laugh.

              As a Filmpool member, Jason has made use of not only equipment, but even the space itself as a set for his short films. “I really appreciate having the Filmpool available to provide advice,” Jason says, “regarding anything film related, as everyone seems to genuinely care about film in Saskatchewan.” Amidst all of his film work, Jason juggles his time between his family, a full-time job, and tracking down funding for said films (which is a full-time job in itself). Such a packed schedule doesn’t deter him, however, and Jason already has another project in the works. Along with recent voice acting for a local animated series, as well as producing a web series with Rick Anthony called Rock Bottom, Jason is also picking up the torch once again as a stunt coordinator for Tim Thurmeier’s upcoming Terminal Life. Keep an eye out for Terminal Life, and more great work to come from Jason in his future projects.

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